3 Money-Saving Gadgets for Your Farm Office

3 Money-Saving Gadgets for Your Farm Office

Save energy, activate devices in your farm shop from your smart phone

In recent years, there has been much advancement toward making homes automated, and many of these technologies can also work in for your farm office. Security, appliances, thermostats, overhead doors and even locks can be controlled from your smartphone.

New technology is exciting, but are these devices useful? When you decide to utilize technology to automate your farm office, it is important to ensure that it is both useful, and that the savings outweigh the cost. That's why I have compiled three money-saving gadgets for your smart office:

1. Save on energy costs just by plugging in your computer. The Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip not only protects against power surges but also saves you money by conserving power. The power strip automatically shuts down devices when they are not in use. The device nearly pays for itself in the first year!

2. The easy-to-install thermostat that learns. The Nest Thermostat learns by the temperature you set, and creates a personalized schedule for your business. According to Nest Labs, you can lower your heating or cooling bill by up to 20%. Nest can be accessed from your smartphone or web browser, and provides an energy history report to visualize your energy savings.

3. Turn on/off your electronics from anywhere. WeMo Home Automation by Belkin offers adapters for electrical plugs, light switches and even LED light bulbs that allow you to manage appliances and lights from your smartphone or tablet.

How will you save money? These devices allow you to monitor the energy uses of your devices, and turn them off remotely. Want a hot cup of coffee on your arrival to the farm shop? Simply turn your coffee pot on from your smartphone before you leave home!

Have other ideas?  Share them with me in the comments below, on Twitter @nerdsquawk or via email at [email protected].

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