5 tough phone case and protection options

5 tough phone case and protection options

These tough phone cases and phone protection options help when you’re rough on tech devices

Are you tough on your smartphone or mobile device? Whether you are in the field, on the road or in your smart office, it is important to protect the technology you carry.

More vital than the cost of smartphones these days is that these devices are your connection to business and the world—don’t risk your connection with a drop on the ground.

Here are five though smartphone case and protection options:

1. OtterBox – The OtterBox Defender Series is one of the most popular cases available. The Defender Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is $59.95, but prices vary based upon style and brand. OtterBox offers cases for a variety of brands, versions and device types—including tablets.

Keep it safe! Don't face this situation - consider these tough smartphone case options

2. Griffin – Griffin’s rugged cases include the Survivor Summit. Summit is water resistant, dirtproof, sandproof and rainproof. The case promises device survival even with a 10-foot drop onto concrete! A nice additional feature is that the belt clip also doubles as video stand. The case sells for $59.99.

3. Lifeproof – For the extreme and rugged traveler, Lifeproof offers cases that are waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof and dropproof. You can get the Nüüd for iPhone 6 Plus case for $89.99. Lifeproof offers cases for other styles and brands as well.

4. Mophie – Mophie offers battery backup cases, but one particular case is waterproof and a battery backup all-in-one—the Juice Pack H2PRO. The Juice Pack H2PRO even exceeds military standards! This case costs $129.95, and Mophie offers cases for other brands as well.

5. Tempered Glass – If you do not want or do not have a case that covers your screen, then take a look at tempered glass. Tempered glass is smooth, clear, works with touchscreens and is scratch resistant. Tempered glass from Zagg for the iPad is available for $44.99, but prices vary depending upon the brand and device type.

What type of case protection do you trust with your smartphone or mobile device? Tell me about it in the comments below, on Twitter @nerdsquawk or via email at [email protected].

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