Coopavel Rural Show - Brazil's Own Farm Progress Show

Coopavel Rural Show - Brazil's Own Farm Progress Show

One of Brazil’s biggest farm shows focuses on new technology for a dynamic ag sector

Today our tour of 31 adventurous farmers continued on to the town of Cascavel, in the state of Parana, Brazil. We’re here to see the final day of the Coopavel Rural Show, one of the country’s largest farm shows with 200,000 visitors over 5 days. We were met by the president, Dilvo Grolli, who explained that the show was originally established about 34 years ago and inspired by our own Farm Progress Show.

The flower bed in the form of a world map was striking, but we also got a good look at the rest of the show site.

As we walked the 180-acre exhibit field we could see plenty of similarities, especially at the multi-national equipment and seed company exhibits. This farm show focuses on technical demonstrations, products and services - and the Brazilian farmers were quite engaged with the exhibitors. The organizers here also pay attention to comfort and landscaping. A vast garden of flowers in the form of a world map is one highlight; visitors can climb to the top of a nearby water tower to see the show and flowerbed from on high. All the main streets are covered to offer shade from the tropical sun. Unlike the Farm Progress Show, the exhibition field had one main restaurant but it was huge and served 20,000 meals a day.

And while there was little chance to speak English, our tour participants came back with happy stories of Brazilian hospitality. It seems you can say a lot even when you can’t speak each other’s language.

Here are just a few highlights...




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