Can You Describe Yourself in 6 Seconds?

Can You Describe Yourself in 6 Seconds?

Showcase you are the one for the job with a great resume

Can you describe yourself and what you're capable of in six seconds? Who would ever ask such a crazy request? How about every recruiter and hiring manager that looks at your resume. On average they spend a mere six seconds of a high-level glance to determine if they will actually read the rest of your resume. If you have shown them in that short time you have the skills and abilities they are looking for they will read your full background.

Despite the short window there are some things you can do to grab their attention.

Showcase you are the one for the job with a great resume

List your key skills at the top of your resume. I can't emphasize enough to get this right. Create a list of 8-10 skills using brief, yet specific words about what you can do. Examples of skills may include heavy equipment mechanic, welding, breeding (AI), accounts payable, B2B sales. Drop the generalities like "team player" and "strong communicator" -- they don't mean anything to a recruiter.

Hit them hard with content. For your work history list accomplishments for each position and tasks you performed. This is your opportunity to brag a little bit about what you've done. Win brownie points with the recruiter by helping them get a better understanding for your prior work environment. For each position, give one sentence about the company including industry and size.

The old rule that your résumé can't be more than one page is out. Although you better have a good reason for being more that two pages.

Make sure it is visually appealing. There are all sorts of great templates to use. First impression is everything.

Finally, make sure you're telling them who you are and what you can do. Ask yourself, am I grabbing this hiring manager's attention?

Follow these tips and the give your resume to someone to ready that doesn't know your work experience. Based on your resume have them describe back to you what jobs they feel you would be a fit for. If it is not even close to the jobs you are looking to apply to go back to the drawing board.

Get more resume writing tips by click on the job seeker resource page at is the official site for jobs in agriculture, check out jobs, interviewing tips and more.

The opinions of Lori Culler are not necessarily those of Farm Futures or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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