Not the El Nino year Brazil had hoped for

Not the El Nino year Brazil had hoped for

Short of rain in the north, too wet in the south.

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun. As Americans worked in sheds this week, turning the lights on early, the Brazilians just went through the longest day of the year. Time may seem to absolutely drag for soybean farmers there this year.

One recent estimate calculated producers in Mato Grosso state had lost as much as $256 million from the sparseness of rainfall in an El Nino year, when precipitation is supposed to be abundant.

Replanting at the Solstice

Despite the El Nino year, producers in western Mato Grosso need rain.

Lots of farmers have had to replant in Brazil’s top soybean state, indicates ag commentator Glauber Silveira. Up in the western part of the state he saw vast areas of dying soybeans, “soybeans at pod fill suffering from the dry weather… and low stand.

“Brazilian (soybean) production will be more like 92 million tonnes than the 102 erroneously predicted by Conab (Brazil’s crop-estimating agency.)”

And, in fact, state officials have dropped projected Mato Grosso production from 29 million tonnes in 2015-16 to 28 million, with state producers having had to replant as much as three percent of fields.

Talk about your long days

But the days aren’t dragging just in Mato Grosso. Down south, in Parana State, producer Laercio Pilau says he’s been getting all the rain they would die for up in Mato Grosso. “It’s rained a lot,” he says. “More than eight inches in the past two or three days, causing erosion and soil loss. And there’s no way to do any field work in the soybeans.”

So who can blame Brazilian soybean producers for wanting to trade places with their American competitors at this point, when the days are wonderfully short.

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