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Facebook for Landlords

Facebook for Landlords

The business of social media, part one

Communication can be a never ending challenge.  However, rarely is the problem too much communication. Usually, it's not enough.  Keeping landlords "in the loop" regarding your farm can be a challenge.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to make a quick note of how the weather is impacting the growing season, rather than make several phone calls? 

A Facebook account might be a way to provide that communication. Nope, it's not just for the grandkids. It can be a business tool, as well.

In setting up a Facebook account there are some things you might want to think through.  Do you just want to maintain a page just for yourself or would you like to have a farm page? 

The business of social media, part one

There are at least three good options for setting up a page:  individual account, farm "page", or closed group.  If you're just starting on Facebook, it may be easier to just set up an individual account, and perhaps later set up a farm page. 

If you prefer to have a farm page with the specific intention of sharing info with landlords, you can choose to have a closed group.  If you like the idea of allowing anyone to be able to see your information, then you can set up a farm "page." If you prefer to keep your information within just a small group that you can approve, it would be better to go with a closed group that you can mutually subscribe to.  You'll even be able to invite landlords or others that you would like to see your information.  Keep in mind, that all of the people either in the group or who like the page will be able to see each other's names.

What would I want to share about my farm with others?  Turn that question around: what would you want to know if you were the landlord?  You might share about the weather conditions or what you are doing on the farm right now.  Pictures can be great, and they're easy to upload (Facebook is extremely user friendly).  Sunrise and sunset pictures are always wonderful.  Consider using a watermark on your photos to minimize the chance that someone else uses your photo as their own. 

The information that you post doesn't always have to be about farming.  Let your landlords get to know you as an individual.  On occasion, share something personal, maybe that your kid's ball team just won a tournament or your high school senior got accepted to the college of their dreams.  Share what you're doing with your farm organizations.

You can choose your privacy settings to establish how much information others can see.  It's a personal preference, but my advice would be to not ever post that you are going to be away from home especially for an extended period of time. 

Go to to set up your page. Search in page set up or privacy settings for Facebook to get tips on how to set up your own page.

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