Faces of China

A collection of images from Farm Futures recent nine day market study tour in China

In the past nine days our group of American farmers saw China from nearly every angle. From mid-sized beef farms near Beijing, to smaller, poor farms in Guilin and ultra-modern soybean processing plants along the coast, we saw just a little bit of everything. 

Thanks again to Tiffany Trump and Trump Tours for this great partnership. I especially want to commend Tiffany for the way she worked with United Airlines yesterday when our plane could not leave Hong Kong and we were stranded an extra day here. I'm writing this from the Hong Kong Airport and we're all anxious to get home for Thanksgiving.

The people we met here were open and friendly. China is getting used to seeing westerners. We may be different politically but there's no reason we can't be good trade partners.

These were memorable visits for us, and I tried to capture some of those memories along the way. Enjoy.


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