Hard Rains Postpone Harvest; Ensure a Sleepless Night

Hard rains chase us out of the fields for a few days

Please excuse me if my words are slurred a bit. I didn't get much sleep last night. No, it wasn't because we are listening to efficiency experts who tell us to run 24-7. Instead, the rain was pounding so hard on the roof I kept waking up. It began around 1 a.m. As I type at 7 this morning, it is still raining.

The upside is that we have fought through harvest's opening week blips and flaws. Some of which included: spending the better part of a day chasing down a bad relay on the grain dryer, snapping the drive head on the sickle in the draper head, shutting down for a few hours to reset the combine to match field conditions, and many less memorable tasks.

Now we should have a few days to get everything straightened out and ready for some real work.

We have cut nearly 300 acres of soybeans. Yields have been more consistent this year, but fall in line with what we expect when irrigated. We have not cut any dry land fields yet, but based on the corners outside the irrigated areas it would appear we are looking at a normal crop.

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We also picked enough corn to get the dryer started and run it for a day. We use flat bottom bins for our wet holding, so we have to fill them up a bit then take the cone back out. In essence, having the dry corn in the bin makes a large hopper tank. Corn yields are coming in better than we had expected. However we are only in the first three fields that we planted. Though we hope (with the way prices have gone), it is way too early to think it will all yield well. Remember, planting was spread out over five or six weeks.

Time will tell.

The opinions of Kyle Stackhouse are not necessarily those of Farm Futures or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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