Missing a Website? You're Missing Opportunities

Missing a Website? You're Missing Opportunities

Why you need the internet as a business tool

Imagine a land owner's son just inherited his father's ground. He doesn't personally know the prior renter which means he has no ties to him. Wanting the best return on his new capital, he asks around for a few farm names in the area.

What is the first thing he does with his list of names? He searches for them on the internet.

He is looking for perspective, facts, contacts, any information he can gain prior to approaching the farms. Through his search he discovers several have websites. He looks for the last farm on his list only to discover no information on the web. Does he still contact that farm?

Why you need the internet as a business tool

I don't have the answer in this story, but there is a high chance that farm missed an opportunity.

Your farm needs exposure! Exposure brings opportunities in many forms whether its land partnerships, business opportunities or new talent to your team. If people can't find you, they can't connect with you and connections are vital to successful farms.

What can even a simple website bring to your farm? It's an avenue to give perspective about your operation. It gives others an image and a sense of who you are without even meeting you. It's a low cost method of advertising that allows people to find you more easily.

Just having a website alone illustrates your farm is progressive.  Someone might mistake your farm for being "behind the times" just for not having one.

Getting top talent on your farm is always on my mind. In today's world, candidates are shopping for their next employer. When they see a job ad, their first instinct is to look for the company website. If there is no website, it greatly lowers the chance they will actually apply.

The cost for a customized website ranges widely, but a typical cost would be $2000 to $5,000. Some customized sites can get to be over $10,000, but you can get a professional looking site in that lower range.

Also available are website templates, which provide the shell/structure for the site and allow you to change color schemes, add logos, pictures and your own wording. It's a lower-cost option that if done right can provide a solid look and image for your farm.

One area to not skimp on is the hosting site. Use a reputable company and you will save yourself headaches later.

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