More Faces of China

More Faces of China

Tour participant captures every day lives in recent journey through China

Here is a nice selection of photos taken by Pam Hostetler, one of the participants who came with us during our recent journey through China. Pam and her husband Vince farm in Kansas. I first met both of them at the Farm Futures tour of Brazil last February.

Pam is a talented photographer, something I picked up on immediately in Brazil when I needed to borrow some of her photos to help explain one of the tour visits. Pam has a great eye for capturing the every day lives of the people we met during our journeys. I want to thank her for sharing these with us. I know you will enjoy viewing these shots.

Vince and Pam Hostetler

For more on China, just scroll through the past month of blogs posted here on The Business of Farming. We hope to develop a new web link here that details past tours as well as future plans. We want to thank Trump Tours again for logistics and arrangements.


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