Is Mother Nature Pranking Us?

Is Mother Nature Pranking Us?

Spring farm prep continues, even if the weather doesn't cooperate.

It seems even Mother Nature got in on April Fool's Day this year.

She tempted us to believe it is actually spring. Monday it was nearly 60 and Tuesday it was in the mid 50s. I heard some light field work was ongoing. We were able to fight our way through a software update and get a drain put up to my grandparents' old house.

Spring prep continues. We have received most of our seed. Some 28% was delivered, as was most crop protection products. Shipments of parts come on nearly a daily basis. It seems we can never have just one project in the works, as dealers don't stock much anymore.

How much more of this scene can you take?

Recently, we took delivery of semi-trucks to replace 'old yeller' and its counterpart. We bought an International from Iowa and a Freightliner from Georgia. We had them hiked in and are satisfied with each of them.

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They are both a nicer ride than the old trucks, but we already have a favorite. When shopping we focused on the 2007 and earlier models. This age group has only minimum emissions equipment. Unfortunately, the market for these trucks is pretty hot right now, especially if you desire a day cab. We've been able to do a mileage test on one of the trucks. It came in at a disappointing 5.5 mpg, considering it has a 3.70 rear end, plenty of power, and one side of the trip was dead heading. We'll check the other truck soon.

I don't think we'll be fooled by Mother Nature. Rain is forecast for the remainder of the week, the mention of snow by the weekend. Neighbors recall that after the blizzard of '77-78, corn planting didn't start until May 10!

Dad and I are guessing weather will turn on a dime...though neither of us will venture a guess as to when!

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