Telling Your Story
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Find ways to use pictures to share your farm's story.

You've heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words," the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with an image. Pictures are a great way for you to share what you are doing with others. Sometimes you can read great detail, but once you see the concept in picture form, it's much easier to understand.

Our society is very visual. Think about all the visual content we see on a daily basis, sometimes it seems like everything is screaming for our attention. Around 70% of us are visual learners, so using pictures to sharing your story is a great medium.

THANKSGIVING SERIES: Luella's Front Porch uses images to tell the farm story.

There is a couple of common ways that pictures are tied into sharing. One concept that is very popular is to pair images with quotes, sayings, or information.

Fellow agvocate, Luella Fischer, does a beautiful job communicating with others in this way. For example, leading up to Thanksgiving she does a series to thank farmers. Luella describes the values that many in agriculture cherish: "I thank God every day that we were raised to understand work ethic, self-sufficiency and the common sense values that I believe truly lead to success and happiness. I only hope that I can provide my family with the same experiences someday."

A sample of that Thanksgiving series is the first image on this page.

You can see more of Luella's work at

The second image on this page is a great way to share how farmers care for their animals.

ANIMAL CARE: Another image from Luella's Front Porch, with a focus on how farmers raise animals.

Another concept is "Wordless Wednesday" where bloggers will post a photograph or series of photographs with little to no wording. Some may prefer to do a theme with several pictures, such as, the last week in pictures. Another idea would be to do several images from the same job, such as, corn planting.

Of course, only about 2% of the population is involved in agriculture, so adding in a few captions of what is going on is helpful when sharing pictures with someone who might not be familiar with what you're doing in the pictures. The added bonus to agriculture pictures is that so much of what we do has beautiful scenery – a sunset, animals, wheat field – the list could go on and on.

As farmers, we are busy people, but taking a few pictures and sharing them with others is a pretty quick thing to do. It has the added bonus of being a great way to share with others what you're doing since so many of us are visual.

If you are on twitter, studies show that adding a picture to your tweet garners more attention.

Also check out the blog, Keeping it real: Through the lens of a farm girl. Here, farm girl and agvocate Erin Ehnle offers ideas on how to use photography in telling your story through social media.

I encourage you to take a few pictures this week, and share them with some of your friends or family who are not on the farm with you.

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