Real Life Technology Hang-ups

There's nothing so frustrating as incompatible new equipment

The rainy weather has been frustrating for many of this this spring. But there's something else we're dealing with. The bulk of frustration has been beyond our control:  technology and seed. 

We bought different tractors last summer.  My first thoughts about a new tractor had nothing to do with compatibility issues, especially since we stayed in the same brand.  Right now, the armrest display in one tractor doesn't like the planter monitor plugged into the ISO connector.  (Now I thought this ISO standard was supposed to solve all these issues....)  The armrest display is rendered useless, but after being down for two days due to a SCR (emissions) issue I told them to leave the display alone until it rains. 

The other tractor, we bought with a front hitch and hydraulics to mount tanks on.  What they don't tell you is that it takes a remote from the rear and runs to the front.  We might as well have run the hoses ourselves.  They also use a goofy joystick for the fourth, fifth, and sixth remote.  It took the dealer several days to find out how to run the joystick on constant power for hydraulic motors.

'Over-treated' seed

Our other issue has been with seed.  One brand of seed won't feed through the air delivery on the planter.  We had the same problem last year.  We were very blunt with the company this winter, and even changed treatments from the high to medium rate.  A very frustrated sales rep was able to find out the issues we are having are linked to lots that were 'over-treated'. 

Over-treatment is when the standard seed treatment is applied, then as orders come for premium treatments, the seed is treated again.  The seed we have that was treated only once at the higher rates worked fine.  We have three skids of seed that are going to be returned.  This caused a scurry to find acceptable replacements.

All this being said, I am thankful we have been able to get in the fields.  I know people who haven't put the first seed in the ground.

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