Recharge Your Batteries Now

Before you kick into high gear this spring, take time to reflect

Planting time is getting closer and closer. Maybe it's already here for some operations. You've been getting ready for the long days and all of the hard, important work that will happen during that short window.

Before you get into the busy season, when you'll be running almost constantly, take a moment to 'recharge your batteries.' That could mean setting aside a day to take some time to reflect.

When you do that, you refresh and reset your mind. Then you're ready when it's time to go full speed ahead on planting. It can increase your decision-making efficiency and give you energy to draw on when you need to pull from a reserve.

To recharge, you might get away from the office. Or you could stay at your office, but it will work better if there aren't a lot of people around. The location where it will work best for you depends on your personality and how you like to work.

If you like to talk out loud when reflecting, you might have someone else help you. They can prompt you and ask questions to help you keep thinking. You could reach insights you might not otherwise have discovered.

Reflecting like this helps you make sense of what happened during the previous year – changes in your farm business, activities that went on, goals you had for the year.

It's not a time to wish that things had gone differently or beat yourself up about something that didn't turn out the way you hoped. It's a time to consider what went well, along with the challenges you faced – and how you responded to them.

Then you can begin to focus on what you're planning and hoping for the upcoming season. You've already invested in time, thought and inputs, so you have a jump start.

Visualize your farm's busy season
Visualize and step yourself through your busy season. Think about what's going to be key for you to be successful. Build flexibility into your mental rehearsal and planning because that will help you respond proactively to unexpected challenges.

Reflecting and planning now is like taking the time to plant carefully and correctly so you can reap the best possible harvest later. It's sowing the seeds of your farm's plans – before you get out there to plant for real.

Recharging your batteries now will pay off later when you're in the heart of the busy season, working hard to get it done – and get it done right. Set aside time now to recharge yourself, and you'll see the benefits during the busy time.

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