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Sharing the Harvest Experience with City Friends

Sharing the Harvest Experience with City Friends

Use visuals to paint an appealing picture of your business

For many farms, harvest is starting.  It's an exciting time that can easily be shared with city friends.  Harvest is an opportune time to share what is going on around your farm. 

Around 70% of people are visual learners. If you don't have opportunities to have people on the farm during harvest, sharing pictures is a great way to show what you are doing. 

When sharing pictures, be sure to provide some context about what you are doing.  Remember that you are the expert about farming, so use words that are common to others, not just farming jargon. 

Use visuals to paint an appealing picture of your business

Friends who aren't from a farm might not understand what you use a grain cart for.  Tell them where the grain goes once it's loaded into your truck.  If you haul it to the local elevator, where does it go from there?  If you put it into farm storage, consider sharing why you store it and where it will likely go later in the year. 

Obviously, you don't need to get into too many details, just give a broad overview. 

Even if these things are just normal day-to-day activities on our farms, you're the 2% of the population who farms, so it's going to an educational opportunity to share with friends and family who aren't as familiar with farming. 

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The beauty of sharing pictures in today's world of smart phones is that it is so easy to do.  Click a picture and share away.  Facebook is a really easy way to share with a lot of people at once, but if you're not a Facebook user, consider texting a picture to a friend.

Many TV news stations will share pictures that teir viewers send in.  Check out area urban news stations, and consider sending them a harvest photo to share, or other clips of nature around your farm.  Sharing photos with a TV station is a great way for a large number of people to get a glimpse of a farm. 

Take a look back at this blog for other ways that you can use photography to share what's going on at your farm. 

As harvest begins, I challenge you to consider how you might share what you are doing with those who don't get to experience harvest first hand.

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