Slow Going, But Crops are Growing

Due to plentiful moisture our family gets a rare trip away from the farm

2013 has certainly been a different year. 

It is seldom that we have an opportunity to get away in July.  However, with the soils at full capacity, we knew it would be 7-10 days before irrigation would be even considered.  So, with that in mind, we took a mini vacation. 

Rachael and I took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge – an indoor water park.  Good thing it was indoor, as it rained most of the time we were there.  Though I don't usually promote businesses, all of our kids have food allergies and the park was absolutely accommodating. 

Yesterday I was finally able to climb back into the sprayer.  The post-it note on my display showing the last chemicals I had in the tank was dated June 25th.  I was able to complete the 'must do' list before it rained again.  Unfortunately, after driving around, it is apparent that there is a new list needed. 

We also had an agronomist out to make another evaluation on the hail damaged crops.  The corn is bruised badly, but looks to be recovering better than the soybeans.  Stalk/stem integrity getting to harvest will likely be an issue.  Generally, disease pressure is on the rise.  We anticipate a fungicide treatment will be necessary, and are securing necessary products.  Typically, we treat on as-needed basis.  We test a few acres every year with the 'plant health' programs, but haven't seen consistent results yet.

Preparations for irrigation are ongoing.  We planned some nitrogen applications, and hope to get those started next week.  If you look closely at some of the early-planted corn fields, you can see a few tassels.  Soybeans can be found in the R1 and R2 stages.

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