Summit set for Jan. 3-4, 2013

Summit set for Jan. 3-4, 2013

Save the date: High-impact Farm Future speaker lineup will focus on how to capitalize on global agriculture trends

Where is U.S. agriculture headed? That’s the million dollar question amid global uncertainty, volatility...and opportunity.

Dr. Dave Kohl, the country’s leading voice on global Ag trends, will tackle that topic and more at the 2013 Farm Futures Business Management Summit, to be held Jan. 3-4 in St. Louis. 

Dr. Kohl will be joined by thought-provoking Ag business experts Mike Boehlje, Purdue Ag economist, Ag Lawyer and regulations expert Gary Baise, and Darren Frye, CEO at Water Street Solutions, among others. Our own marketing specialists, Bryce Knorr and Arlan Suderman, will share expertise on global outlook and how to improve your marketing skills.

A full lineup of speakers will discuss the major game changers influencing agriculture. Experienced leaders will provide expert advice on:

Dave Kohl at the 2012 Farm Futures Management Summit

-- estate planning for farm families

-- management training for young farmers

-- financial trends and performance benchmarks

-- how to get better and more consistent at grain marketing

-- how to develop a written business plan to ensure smoother decision-making

-- crop inputs, insurance and land lease management

-- tax strategies

-- how to capitalize on volatility

-- how to make the most of technology updates

-- coping with more agricultural regulations.

The 2013 summit will have one of the strongest speaker lineups in its nine-year history. Watch for more details on agenda, location and registration procedures in future issues of Farm Futures, as well as at

So, mark your calendar for Jan. 3-4, 2013. We're shooting for a learning experience you will never forget!

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