Taking the Farm to the Next Level

A business coach for the farm shows you where to start

At the farm business seminars we're holding across the Midwest this winter, I've been talking with quite a few farmers about what they're thinking and feeling right now. One thing I heard multiple farmers express is the feeling that they want to take their farm to the next level – but they're not sure how to get there. They don't know where to turn to begin the process of improving their farm.

Maybe you've felt that way – that you want to do something to move your farm forward, but you're just not sure where to start. The farm has grown in recent years, but it's yet to be seen what the future will hold for you and your operation.

The numbers and the decisions you make each day are bigger than in the past. Maybe you have employees now and are figuring out the best way to manage and lead them. All of a sudden, you have a lot more on your plate.

Working with someone from outside of your farm can help you decide on a place to start. They act as a coach for you and your farm business, walking you through a plan you've agreed on, step by step.

A 'coach' for the farm can bring a new perspective and help you identify gaps and areas of opportunity in your operation. Similar to what the coach did when you or your kids were in Little League or flag football, they not only build your skills but work to grow and develop you as a person, too. They help you imagine the future of your farm and encourage you to make the greatest impact as a leader right now.

Two farmers expressed this feeling of wanting to work on their farm business. They have a growing operation and want to take it to the next level and make it the best it can be. But there's so much they want to do to improve their farm, they aren't sure where to start.

As those two farmers talked with us about their operation, they decided that starting with strategic planning for their farm would give them the best base to work from. They'll build the rest of their activities from that plan. They're excited about what it will mean for their operation as a whole.

Have you ever asked yourself what your farm would be like if you decided to take it to the next level? Consider seeking out someone who acts as a coach for you and your operation. As they learn about your farm and your hopes for the future, they work with you to map out a clear plan to make your vision a reality.

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