Taking it slow, preparing for the Holiday

Taking it slow, preparing for the Holiday

Winding down for the holidays, but winding up next week for year-end planning.

Who would have thought after last winter and the November we had that we would be having such warm weather? The weathermen are letting us down easy, promising some snow Christmas Eve, but saying it may not even stick on the ground to see it in the morning.

This will be a light work week. With Christmas in the middle of the week, Corky has the week off. He decided to haul some of his own corn. I have been tethered to the office where paperwork and bookwork reign.

Yesterday, I double-checked harvest logs to be ready for the appointment with the crop insurance adjusters. I've also spent time doing preliminary seed placements and requested crop protection product pricing.

Will the snow last until Christmas?

The majority of time during this season is dedicated to the financial books and preparing year-end estimates. Along with that comes updating balance sheets and making projections. Though computers make this task immensely easier, Quickbooks and I never seem to see eye to eye. It's probably that I don't spent enough time trying to understand it. After all, it isn't my favorite thing to do.

This is the quiet before the storm, next week it will be back to business. The onslaught of transactions will come as farmers receive their final targets for year-end purchases and preliminary purchases for 2015.

The pace has picked up at some of the equipment dealers this week as the Section 179 depreciation was approved with the budget last week. This may be short-lived though, as Congress could only manage to extend it though the end of this year.

After a long fall, well, long year, it isn't too hard to wind down a little. Grandpa took one of the girls shopping last Thursday. (I'm sure that was an experience, since he raised two boys.)

Emry and I headed out for mommy's gift while the girls were all at rehearsal for the Christmas dance program at church. We dodged most of the congestion staying away from the malls Friday evening. A stop at the frozen yogurt shoppe seemed to make everything OK and capped our evening.

Rachael is in town right now tidying up loose ends. The kids have the run of the house, wrapping gifts and playing with empty shipping boxes. They are all excited Uncle Kent is coming home tonight to visit for a few days. We will enjoy several family Christmas gatherings this year.

May you and your family have a great Christmas Season!

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