Three Reasons Employees Leave Their Jobs

Why do people leave jobs? Surprise: pay is not at the top of the list!

A great employee working for you just walked in to give you his notice. You are frustrated. You might even use a few choice words. Later after you calm down you are just confused. Why did the employee make the choice that his job and your organization were not a fit?

There seem to be tons of people looking for work, but if you are like our farm, top talent is hard to find. When we do find those great hires, we want to make sure that they stay. Here are three reasons employees leave their job:

Poor Management

Employees are typically not leaving the organization as much as they are leaving their manager. Your employees' immediate supervisor has the largest impact on not only their performance, but also their job satisfaction. Managers need to be well equipped with the skills to give both positive and negative feedback to employees.  They also need to serve as a coach and motivator to the staff.

Job is Not What They Expected

When an employee is hired, it is paramount to set expectations for their new role. The employee needs to know exactly what they are getting into before they sign on. If expectations are not set then, a new hire coming in will make their own assumptions and will then be greatly disappointed when those expectations are not met.

After a second interview not only am I giving the candidate what to expect in writing, I make them verbally describe in their words the job they are interviewing for to ensure they have the right understanding of the role and time commitment.

Lack of Recognition

Employees need to know where they stand within the organization and with that comes recognition if they are doing well. Employees want to know how they can contribute to the success of the business. As managers we need to be clear on what's expected and give recognition when employees are doing well. They need to know they are appreciated and that they are helping to drive the business.

As stated, those are the reasons employees LEAVE. Does your operation have the organization it takes to KEEP good employees?  How do you answer these questions?

-When looking at your organization, do you have skills and tools for effective people management? 

-Do you have the tools for developing roles and responsibilities?

-Is there recognition for top performers?

-Have you fostered a culture in which employees can thrive?

You can't be an expert in everything, but you can get the help you need to attract and keep top talent.

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