We Turned the Key Off and Left!

We Turned the Key Off and Left!

Yes, farmers can take vacations – we proved it!

Last week, I closed by commenting that I could use a few days away in a warmer climate.  Truth of the matter was that we were already headed there.

For the first time in a couple decades, the farm shut down.  The entire family went on vacation as Grandma and Grandpa took the grand kids to see Mickey.  I guess Rachael and I were just along for the ride.  Corky checked the houses and fed the cats and dogs.

Yes, farmers can take vacations – we proved it!

So, you ask, how do you do that?  I was wondering that myself.  Turns out, it wasn't that hard.  In the entire week, I only received a few phone calls, which I screened and allowed to go to voice mail.  Additionally, maybe a dozen texts came.  I will admit, I pulled out the laptop to check email a couple times a day.  (No, I don't receive email on my phone. I want my phone to simply be a phone.  The kids never want my phone because there aren't any games either.)

Most email was junk, however the few that needed a response received one, as did the texts.

Side note:  One of my pet peeves is having my text or email out in cyberspace somewhere, not knowing if it was received.  So, people, if it's going to be more than a day before you can get back to me, please respond, even if it is only 'k' or 'checking' or 'I'll get back to you'.  I like texting and email because when I think of something, I can send it instantly and mark it off my mental list.

Loose Ends

In preparation for travel, I tried to get loose ends tied up.  I finished up the major seed orders.  I checked delivery schedules for our IP grain (usually buyers call).  I had a couple equipment quotes due to come in, I told the salesmen when I would be back and that I would get with them then.  This seemed to settle most everything down.

Another side note:  We traveled separately, you know, 'just in case.'  Mom and Dad took one of the kids and Rachael and I took the others on separate flights.

What did I learn on the trip?  Pace yourself.  Just because you have tickets to the park, don't feel like you have to go in every day.  With young children, we would have been better off entering every other day, or two out of three days.  Our departing flight was from a smaller airport, the return flight a larger hub.  Smaller airports are certainly more flier friendly.  Throw away the coupon fliers and internet threads, it might cost a bit more, but you'll save some time and (literally) headaches.  By the way, the rumor is wrong, a scooter doesn't get you to the front of the line, but sometimes you do get better seats.  Rachael learned this as she is recovering from knee surgery only a few days before we left.

I hope everyone is able to make some time to take a break.  After all, if you wait until have time, it will never happen.  We are already planning our next trip. Rachael and I hope to see everybody at the Farm Futures Business Summit 2014 in St. Louis on January 7 & 8!

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