What's The Plan for Planting Season?

Communicate your planting season expectations with team members

A college basketball team would not reach the Final Four or a National Championship game without pre-planning for each game along the way.  Players need to know exactly what their role is, what position they're playing, and who they're up against. The same goes for farmers at key times of the year, such as planting season.

With no preparation any team would be lucky to win a game the entire season. Are you ready to win at your game? 

Too often farmers take the upcoming planting season for granted.  In talking to many farmers, I hear "we're doing the same thing as last year." 

Without a plan in place and just expecting everyone to do the same as last year without any communication, you may be asking for failure. 

Your routine, or plan for the spring, may be in your head, but does your team know the plan? Do your other family members know the plan? 

Don't go into your season blind. Put yourself in the best possible position to win the championship and hold a pre-planting meeting. Determine things like planting order and the conditions to watch for in season. 

Have a review on what matters when planting such as speed, depth, and safety.  Make sure each member of your team knows who will be in what role. 

Outline the expectations, start date, and a goal of how many acres to complete each day. 

What information do you need back from planter operators? Outline this information so they can note it and report back to you. Take some time and review what went wrong last year and the appropriate actions needed to correct these problems.

Lastly, discuss the things that have worked well in the past and how to keep doing them.

Communication is key during planting season. Make sure your team is well prepared by knowing each other's roles and expectations. Pre-plan to make your future successful. 

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