Why You Should Wait to Buy New Office Tech

Why You Should Wait to Buy New Office Tech

Ask questions before you make a big purchase for your farm office

In case you missed it, Apple released the iPhone 6. New technology is exciting—the media and promotion of its release is everywhere. Who doesn't want the latest and the greatest technology? But it is important to take some time and think before you buy. Even with special offers, you can get stuck paying more and becoming a beta tester.

Before you buy new technology, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you really need it? If your current mobile device, tablet, computer or other technology still works and meets your needs, you may want to wait until you have a problem before you make a new purchase.

Is it time for an upgrade? 5 considerations before making a new tech purchase.

2. Will the operating system soon become obsolete? You may have noticed that when updates are released for your mobile device's operating system or even the operating system for computers, your phone cannot update. That's because companies discontinue support for older devices. For example, the latest Apple iOS 8 is supported only on devices as old as the iPhone 4s, the iPad 2 and the 5th generation iPod Touch. You may want to purchase a new device if the manufacturer no longer supports it.

3. Is it likely that there may be changes or problems? With any new device, you may soon learn that there are problems not known despite thorough review and testing by the manufacturer. In 2010, the iPhone 4 had widespread problems with its antenna which later prompted Apple to encourage the use of a bumper guard for the phones. In 2013, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 two years after the release of Windows 8 which received significant criticism from consumers.

4. Are there features that will help my business? Whether it is integration with Microsoft Windows or features that make working on the go easier, it is important to note whether or not your new device will save you time.

5. Have you looked at reviews and compared it with other devices? It is important to take a look at competitors before you buy. You may find a better deal, or you may find features that are more beneficial.

Have you recently made a new technology purchase for your farm office? Tell me about it in the comments below, on Twitter @nerdsquawk or via email at [email protected].

The opinions of Jessica Michael are not necessarily those of Farm Futures or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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