Winter Wreaks Havoc on Operations

Despite weather, we need to deliver specialty grain on a moment's notice

As this difficult winter continues, we are shifting gears and getting to work in the shop. After spending December and January on the 'necessary evils' of business operations, most years February is when the realization comes that we need to get some stuff done.

A lot of equipment is snowed in or frozen down. Today we were able to get the parts of a new tillage tool in the shop for assembly during the next snow storm. Though Rachael keeps asking me if there is somewhere warmer we could locate, if we lived in the south, we would never be ready for spring on time!

Fortunately, we had the wheel loader in the shop last month. The man who does our engine work was able to complete the rebuild of the engine. Friday new tires were installed on the front of the thirty-year-old machine. Except for the fact that it is crammed in the back corner of the shop, I guess we're ready for the big snow they are promising this weekend.

Old man winter has also made grain deliveries difficult. Many days there have been poor road conditions or it has simply been too cold. The last thing we need is a phone call to say the truck froze up or slid off the road. Hauling grain is further complicated because many of our specialty grain contracts are 'buyers call.'  We often are given a brief window to deliver the grain. So far, there has only been one day we had to venture out when conditions were really bad. All the companies have been pretty good to deal with so far. Once it gets decent again we will have to get all the trucks on the road to get caught up.

Hopefully by then we will have the replacement for 'old yeller'!

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