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Feedback From The Field

Interactive tool helps growers share conditions.

Spring weather may be unpredictable, but there’s one task you can do any time, rain or shine. Feedback From The Field, Farm Futures’ interactive tool lets you share what’s going on in your fields 24/7.And it’s optimized for smart phones, so you can update conditions whether you’re in the office or out in the field.

Click this Feedback From The Field link to enter your data. For starters, we want to know how planting and emergence are going. You can also rate crops in your area as they emerge. We’ll update reports weekly with an interactive map that lets you see what other growers are saying around the country.

Feedback From The Field wasn’t meant to be a scientific survey. But last year farmers filed more than 600 reports of conditions in their area, providing important alerts to events like the green snap that hit Nebraska in July. And farmer assessments proved right on the money in predicting 2016’s record yields.

Yields reported in October and November averaged 175 bpa for corn, spot on with USDA’s estimate of 174.6 bpa. The average soybean yield reported to Feedback was 52.15 bpa; USDA’s official yield for the crop is 52.1 bpa.

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