Soybeans rebound on calmer markets

Soybeans rebound on calmer markets

Traders ponder weather outlook after turbulent week. (Video)

Markets are breathing a sigh of relief at the end of a volatile week of trading, helping stocks and commodities move higher overnight. Soybeans took a pounding on Thursday but lead the overnight rebound, trying to win back at least some of the losses caused by a steep drop in Brazilian currency values that triggered huge sales by farmers there. Cold, wet weather should put a damper on fieldwork in many areas this weekend, as traders look at summer weather outlooks that look warm but not dry.

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Bryce Knorr first joined Farm Futures Magazine in 1987. In addition to analyzing and writing about the commodity markets, he is a former futures introducing broker and is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor. He conducts Farm Futures exclusive surveys on acreage, production and management issues and is one of the analysts regularly contracted by business wire services before major USDA crop reports. Besides the Morning Call on he writes weekly reviews for corn, soybeans, and wheat that include selling price targets, charts and seasonal trends. His other weekly reviews on basis, energy, fertilizer and financial markets and feature price forecasts for key crop inputs.

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