Biotech Opponents Still Active in Europe

Group of at least 35 trashes high-tech wheat plot in Switzerland.

A Swiss field trial of wheat being grown to test for resistance to key parasites was attacked last Friday by a group of 35 anti-biotech activists. The group destroyed part of the field and later five were arrested by police.

The wheat was being grown for research by the University of Zurich and the SwissFederalPolytechnicSchool in Zurich. Wire service reports note that the extent of the damage is still being surveyed.

The biotech trial is part of a national research program that is being called "controversial" by European media. The results of the program will also be used to determine whether biotech plants should be permitted in Swiss agriculture or not.

About a dozen groups have opposed the trial, including long-time biotech opponent Greenpeace.

Field trial locations for biotech tests in Europe have long been part of the public record as part of the region's rules governing the technology.

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