Canada Harvests Smaller Wheat, Canola Crops

Canada Harvests Smaller Wheat, Canola Crops

Global Hotspots: Dry conditions cut Australian crop production, bird flu to hit Dutch poultry exports

Canadian farmers reported poorly timed rain delayed harvest this fall and resulted in lower crop yields in certain parts of the Prairies and in Eastern Canada, Statistics Canada said this week.

Wheat production was put at 29.3 million metric tons, down 22% from 2013, due to a 9.4% smaller harvest area and 13.9% lower average yield. All three Prairie provinces reported fewer harvested areas and lower yields in 2014.

Global Hotspots: Dry conditions cut Australian crop production, bird flu to hit Dutch poultry exports

Canola production was put at 15.6 million metric tons, down 13.4% from the record 18.0 million in 2013. The average yield of 34.4 bushels per acre was down 14% from 2013's 40 bushels. Despite the decrease, 2014 canola output still represents the second highest production level on record.

Global Hotspots 11/27: Brazil Extends Moratorium on Soybean Production in Amazon

Soybean production at 6.0 million metric tons was a record and up 12.9% from 2013. Harvested area was up 20.2% at 5.5 million acres, which more than offset the 6.1% decline in average yield.

Corn production was down 19.1% at 11.5 million metric tons. That was due to a 17.1% decrease in harvested area and a 2.4% lower average yield of 149.2 bushels.

Dry Conditions To Cut Australian Crop Production

Australia's Department of Agriculture this past week forecast winter crop production will be down 16% this year because of dry conditions. That includes 14% less wheat, 22% less barley and 12% less canola.

In addition, the department expects a 13% drop in summer crop production largely due to 46% fewer cotton acres because of low cotton prices and dry conditions.

Bird Flu to Hit Dutch Poultry Exports – Attache

The Dutch poultry industry said the recent bird flu cases there will cost the industry $100 million to $200 million in lost export sales of poultry meat, according to USDA attache report.

Since November 15, the contagious bird flu has been found on five farms in the Netherlands. The highly pathogenic bird flu virus of the type H5N8 is easily transmissible between birds and lethal for chickens. The virus can be transmitted from birds to humans, but is generally causing only mild symptoms.

All animals on affected farms have been culled following EU guidelines. The Dutch Government and poultry sector fear that the virus will spread to the region with the most poultry farms, just east of the center of the Netherlands.

Drought to Trim China Corn Production

China's corn production in the 2014/15 marketing year is forecast at 214 million tons, down 3 million from the previous estimate due to drought in key corn producing regions, according to a USDA attache report.

However, improved corn quality should lessen the impact on corn supplies. The forecast for corn imports was lowered 500,000 tons to 2.5 million tons, as "biotechnology related trade restrictions continue to disrupt trade and feed mills respond to high corn prices by importing alternative feed ingredients," the report said.

Wheat production for 2014/15 was forecast at a record 126 million tons while imports are expected to drop sharply to 2 million tons.

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