Climate Corporation announces data connectivity agreements

Climate Corporation announces data connectivity agreements

Connectivity agreements connect Climate FieldView with agronomic, retailer and equipment software systems.

Faster, seamless transfer of information. That’s the message from Climate Corporation as they announced multiple data connectivity agreements for the Climate FieldView platform. With the new agreements, farmers will be able to transfer data such as field boundaries, field maps, management zones, variable rate seeding prescriptions, planting and harvest data, and soil test results into their Climate FieldView accounts.

“It’s been our vision to deliver a single connected suite of tools to farmers,” said Sauder.

“Traditionally, data management has been difficult for farmers, because the tools for data collection, storage and analysis have been disconnected,” said Doug Sauder, senior director of product for The Climate Corporation. “We’re solving that problem by making data connectivity seamless. In just minutes, farmers can connect other software systems to Climate FieldView to gain a more complete understanding of their fields, simplify data sharing with their trusted advisors and make informed decisions for their operations.”

“It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” said Mansfield farmer Ken Dalenberg. “When the combine starts, the drive starts. It’s real time. During harvest, normally we’d get yield data, download it at night, email it or have our crop salesman come and get the information. He’d take it back, put it in his computer, analyze it and then make fertilizer recommendations. Now, it can stream to the cloud real time. He can see it while I’m harvesting. We share it and he can start to analyze it. The next morning I can have a fertilizer prescription ready to go the day after I harvested.”

“Our turnaround time is almost instantaneous,” said Illinois farmer Ken Dalenberg.

Connectivity agreements between Climate and agronomic software equipment platforms include: AgIntegrated OnSite, Agrian, SSI Agvance Mapping, FS Advanced Information Services, MapShots AgStudio, John Deere Operations Center and SST Summit. The agreement also includes the following retailers: CHS Inc, Crop Production Services, Growmark, Helena, MFA Incorporated, Simplot, South Dakota Wheat Growers, Southern States Cooperative and Winfield Solutions, LLC.

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