U.S. corn slips to 69% good/excellent, soybeans stay at 63%

U.S. corn slips to 69% good/excellent, soybeans stay at 63%

USDA reports spring wheat harvest at 53% vs 31% average.

Corn’s national condition slipped 1 point to 69% good to excellent in Monday’s USDA update while soybeans stayed at 63%.

Spring wheat harvest reached 53% versus the 31% average and the crop improved 1 point to 70% good to excellent. Top producer North Dakota was 45% harvested versus the 26% average, and the crop improved 1 point to 82% good/excellent, according to USDA.

In top producer Iowa, corn slipped 1 point to 82% good to excellent, while Illinois remained at 56% and Indiana improved 1 point to 48%. Missouri’s corn slipped 1 point to 50% good/excellent.

Corn slipped a little in the latest crop progress report, beans hold ground. Spring wheat harvest is ahead of schedule.

“Reports of crops showing stress due to dry weather conditions trickled in this week. There were scattered reports of sudden death syndrome in soybean fields,” the Iowa report said.

Nationwide, 21% of the corn had dented, behind the 28% average, while 71% was in the dough stage, versus the 66% average. Soybeans were at 79% in setting pods, versus 81% a year ago and the 79% average.

Indiana said warm, dry weather has helped the corn and soybeans recover from the wet conditions early in the growing period.

“Three weeks of warm temperatures and lighter precipitation has allowed much of the yellowing corn to green up and soybean crop to fill in pods,” Indiana said. “Adequate amounts of rainfall along with moderate temperatures are critical at this stage for soybean pods to fill in properly for harvest. Some corn stands continue to suffer from leaf and stalk diseases, and remain deficient in both nitrogen and potassium.”

Sorghum was 24% mature versus the 26% average and  was rated 68% good to excellent, up 1 point from last week

In cotton, 10% of the bolls were open versus 12% average. It was rated 55% good/excellent, down 1 point from a week ago.

Check out more charts from today's report by downloading the document using the link at the end of this story.

U.S. corn slips to 69% good/excellent, soybeans stay at 63%

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