EPA Asks For Comments on Greenhouse Gases

No regulations forthcoming from Bush Administration.

Despite pressure from the Supreme Court and senior federal officials that new regulations of greenhouse gas emissions are needed, the Bush Administration has announced that it will leave any actions on the matter to the new administration.

Also on Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency released an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking soliciting public input on the effects of climate change and the potential ramifications of the Clean Air Act in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

"The ANPR reflects the complexity and the magnitude of the question of whether and how greenhouse gases could be effectively controlled under the Clean Air Act," said EPA Administrator Stephen L. Johnson.

The publication of the notice in the Federal Register begins a 120-day comment period in which the EPA requests comment on the best-available science, relevant data, and asks questions about the advantages and disadvantages of using the Clean Air Act to potentially regulate stationary and mobile sources of greenhouse gases.

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