FDA Will Miss Food Safety Registry Deadline

System expected to be operational in 2009.

The Food and Drug Administration will not have a registry up and running to help the agency track food contamination by the Congressionally-imposed deadline of September. In a notice published in the Federal Registry Tuesday the agency said it intends to implement the Food Registry of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 requirements to establish an electronic portal for reportable food by utilizing the business enterprise system currently under development by the agency. This system will permit FDA to establish an electronic portal through which instances of reportable food may be submitted to the agency, and will be easy to use, for both those submitting reports to the agency and for FDA, the agency said.

FDA expects that the agency's business enterprise system will be operational in spring 2009. FDA acknowledges that the prohibited act provisions relating to the Registry will not apply until such time as FDA establishes the electronic portal to implement the Registry. In conjunction with this delay announcement, FDA is requesting comments on certain aspects of the Registry provisions. The comment period closes on August 11, 2008.

Source: Feedstuffs

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