FLOCK-TOBER happening at Purina through Halloween

FLOCK-TOBER happening at Purina through Halloween

It's a fun-filled educational event for poultry producers.

Purina’s FLOCK-TOBER festivities are happening now through Oct. 31.

Kristin Horvath, backyard flock associate marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition, says the event is back by popular demand.

“We were overwhelmed by the joy created by Purina FLOCK-TOBER last year,” she says. “Families across the country celebrated their lovable, personality-filled hens and the wholesome, nutritious eggs the hens produce. This year, we are proud to make the celebration even bigger!”

Highlights of Purina FLOCK-TOBER include:

FLOCK-TOBER is back by popular demand. (Photo: johan10/Thinkstock)

-A switch to layer feed: Autumn marks a switch to layer feed for most spring-born chicks, as chickens should transition to layer feed at 18 weeks of age or when the first egg arrives. Flock raisers can choose between three complete layer feed options at most Purina retailers, including a new organic layer feed.

 -For a chance to win fun flock prizes including a year’s supply of poultry feed, flock enthusiasts can enter and vote in two nationwide contests on Purina Poultry Facebook. In September, fans can break out their dance moves for the “First Egg Happy Dance” video contest. During October, fans can enter the Miss FLOCK-TOBER online pageant by submitting photos of their hens into the categories of: Miss Broody, Miss Congeniality, Miss Performance and Miss Fancy Feathers.

-Many retailers nationwide are offering special in-store promotions and activities. Celebrations include a free limited edition coop sign with the purchase of Purina poultry layer feed and chicken-themed scavenger hunts.

Source: Purina Animal Nutrition

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