Floods in the North, Drought in the South

While all eyes are on the Mississippi, Texas crops are burning up.

Texas farmers may be watching the flooding in Iowa with a little longing, at least for some of that water. While torrential rains have inundated cropland and homes up North, down South a drought in the High Plains is taking its toll. The nation's leading cattle and cotton producer is seeing record heat that could lead to severe losses.

An Associated Press report says as much as 500,000 acres of dryland cotton has been lost to the heat and drought so far. Add in high winds that have hammered both dryland and irrigated crops and the tally could rise.

Record heat is a player too with a few days above 100 already in the record books. Last year, Lubbock didn't record a single 100-degree day. A look at the U.S. Drought Monitor shows much of Texas and a good portion of the Southeast still well short of needed moisture. And the dry region has been growing this spring.

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