Future Competitiveness of Wheat May Depend on Biotech Traits

NAWG surveying producers to measure and document opinions.

Wheat growers are being mailed a petition survey seeking their opinions about launching biotechnology traits in wheat.

 The survey, which was commissioned by the National Association of Wheat Growers, is intended to measure and document the level of support for biotech commercialization among wheat growers.

"The petition is designed to document the depth and breadth of support for biotechnology among wheat producers," said Daren Coppock, NAWG's chief executive officer. "Anecdotally, we're convinced the support is there. This petition will either confirm or confront that belief. By reading the petition and responding with their support, growers can help our industry show biotech companies that they are smart to make the commitment of time and resources and bring this tool to growers."

Other crops that have access to biotech traits have delivered greater returns to producers, which is a factor contributing to the 30-year decline of U.S. wheat acreage. Coppock says NAWG and many other groups believe biotechnology will be a key component in the future competitiveness of wheat.

For more information on the survey and to read the full petition, click HERE.

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