Grassley Critical of GMA

Senator says targeting of ethanol is unfounded.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, went to the floor of the Senate Thursday in another effort to set the record straight about ethanol and the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

"Biofuels are being made the scapegoat for rising wheat prices, even though the 2007 crop was the largest planted in four years," Grassley said. "Biofuels are being blamed for the increased price of things such as rice and bananas, which have no correlation to corn production or our biofuels polices."

Grassley said the Grocery Manufacturers have focused all their efforts on ethanol. They see ethanol and renewable fuels as the root cause, and the most vulnerable to their attack. But Grassley argued that it is important to note that biofuels are actually working to lower the price of gasoline at the pump. So, while high energy costs are driving the increases in food prices the Grocery Manufacturers would have you believe that the solution is less energy supply.

"The Grocery Manufacturers Association doesn't seem to care much for the facts. Their criticisms and talking points aren't based on sound science, economics or even common sense," Grassley said. "We're all supportive of efforts to promote advanced biofuels. But, undercutting the current industry is not the way to get fuels from biomass. Those who are determined to pull the rug out from under today's biofuels should know that the next generation won't exist if the current generation is undermined."

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