Group of Eight Open Meeting in Japan

Several nations have not been following though on pledges to aid Africa.

During Monday's Group of Eight meeting in Rusutsu, Japan the talk focused on aid for Africa and whether enough was coming from the world's major economic powers. France, Canada and Italy have been accused of skimping on aid to Africa. The U.S., Japan, Britain, Germany and Russia make up the other members of the G-8.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged G-8 leaders to take a tough stance on Zimbabwe where President Robert Mugabe was reelected after his opponent dropped out amid reports of state-sponsored violence. President Bush emphasized the urgency of providing aid for Africa, calling on wealthy nations to provide mosquito nets and other aid to prevent children from needlessly dying from mosquito bites.

According to the organization known as DATA, which stands for Debt, Aids and Trade in Africa, the G-8 has delivered just three billion dollars of the 25 billion in additional aid pledged to Africa in 2005. DATA says Germany, the U.S. and Britain were following through on commitments, while progress from Japan, France, Italy and Canada was either unclear or weak.

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