High-power side-by-side

High-power side-by-side

Polaris turns up the heat with new higher-output engines. These are for play, not work.

The new Polaris RZR XP Turbo EPS and RZR XP-4 Turbo EPS feature a ProStar Turbo high-output engine with 168 hp – the most power offered for a factory side-by-side. The vehicles offer 15% more power than last year's models.

More power brings along a new high-capacity cooling system, and a stronger driveline to get power the ground. The high-capacity cooling includes a new, more powerful, variable-speed, brushless fan coupled with a new, 40% larger, high-flow front grill and a 20% larger engine radiator. The new cooling ensures the engine can breathe for maximum power delivery.

The Polaris RZR is a fun machine for technical trail riding, and more. The XP Turbo EPS and XP-4 Turbo EPS get a power boost for 2017.

The new RZR models offer premium suspension systems for agility, ride comfort and sharper control in a wide range of situations. You can learn more about the new RZR models at Polaris.com.

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