Japanese Buy U.S. Barley

Outstanding quality of barley reason for full market share to U.S.

Last week, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries held its fifth 2008 Simultaneous Buy and Sell program for feed barley, as the Japanese feed industry did not purchase enough earlier this month to meet growing demand. According to an industry source, Japan Feed Manufacturers Association demanded the additional tender and purchased 36-thousand metric tons of feed barley. U.S. barley producers received 100% market share.

U.S. Grains Council director in Japan, Dr. Tetsuo Hamamoto, says the United States got that share partly due to the Japanese barley industry's understanding of the quality of U.S. barley. He credits the council promotional activities including the mission of feed barley users to the United States earlier this month.

According to Hamamoto, the United States will take the majority of the share in subsequent tenders as a result of U.S. barley growers providing the highest quality barley at competitive prices. Japan has been relying on U.S. barley producers for feed barley imports through the SBS program since 1999.


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