NCGA releases app to connect members, lawmakers

NCGA releases app to connect members, lawmakers

As legislative issues become more complicated, farmers need to be more involved.

The newly updated NCGA Action app provides members and friends of the National Corn Growers Association with new tools to engage and influence elected officials on Capitol Hill and at home in their legislative districts as legislative issues get more complicated.

Newly updated NCGA app provides access to talking points on key issues. (Photo: Jevtic/Thinkstock)

“Technology is changing rapidly,” said Grower Services Action Team Chair Patty Mann. “Five years ago, we were talking about innovations such as auto-steer and GPS tracking. Today, every farmer has a smart phone or tablet, and there are apps and tools designed especially for them to manage their operations, improve efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. If we want to get more people involved in our state and national advocacy efforts, we need to have our information in their hands, and our updated app does that.”

The application enables users to take action from a smartphone, providing access to:
-Talking points on key legislative and regulatory issues
-A built-in Take Action Center for voicing support on important legislation before Congress
-Live-sharing of multimedia on social media networks
-Live Twitter updates
-Congressional and state legislative directories
-A “mini-app” within the app for state corn associations to share state news and legislative issues
-A membership benefits and application area

The app is free and can be found by searching for “NCGA Action” at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Source: National Corn Growers Association

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