Poll gauges Presidential candidates' support based on RFS stance

Poll gauges Presidential candidates' support based on RFS stance

Poll suggests voters more likely to support candidates who vote in favor of renewable fuel standard

Results of a National Farmers Union poll show that rural voters are supportive of candidates that favor the renewable fuel standard.

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In the poll, NFU President Roger Johnson says support for the RFS outweighed opposition in five out of the six districts surveyed.

Johnson also noted that moderate and split-ticket voters are the voters that make a difference in close races, and that this new poll shows that moderates in rural areas say a candidate's support for the RFS will make them more likely to vote for that candidate.

A decal advertising E85 Ethanol is displayed on a gas pump at a Kum and Go gas station on August 7, 2012 in Johnston, Iowa. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

"Self-identified moderates constituted 39% of the electorate surveyed in the poll, and by a two-to-one margin, these voters said that support for the RFS will make them more likely to vote for a congressional candidate versus voters who say it will make them less likely to support that candidate," he said.

NFU says policy is "a rare issue that cuts across party lines and deals directly with rural economics."

"This poll demonstrates the importance of the RFS to rural voters," Johnson added.

The poll comes as RFS volumes proposed earlier this year are set to be finalized by the mandated date of Nov. 30.

Though the most recent proposed volumes were higher than originally planned, they still fell short of statutory volumes. If the final volumes remain under statutory levels, that's a problem for the Democratic party, Johnson said.

"The President's actions between now and the election that could harm the RFS, such as issuing weak volume obligations, will negatively impact his party in the 2016 election," he said.

"Rural America clearly understands the importance of the RFS to family farmers, ranchers and their local economies, and this poll shows that much of their support for political candidates can be attributed to the candidates support for a strong RFS. The President, as the key figure in his party, should show support for the RFS by ensuring the volume obligations are set to their statutory levels."

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