Russia to Shut Door on Some U.S. Pork and Poultry

Agency closes some imports on Feb. 10.

Claiming that American processors often disregard Russian rules of product supply and don't meet Russian requirements a Russian agency has decided to cut off U.S. imports from suppliers of pork and poultry. But they will wait until Feb. 10, therefore, permitting products manufactured prior to that date to enter the Russian Federation.

The Federal Agency for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision of Russia told Interfax of gross violations of Russian legislation in the veterinary sector. The agency's representative says this case, like many others, shows that American party often disregards Russian rules of product supply and doesn't meet Russian requirements.

The facilities are located in: Tar Heel, North Carolina; Milan, Missouri; Crete, Nebraska; Beardstown, Illinois; Ottumwa, Iowa; Cherokee, Iowa; Edwardsville, Kansas and Chicago, Illinois.

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