Seeder offers cover crop options

Seeder offers cover crop options

Great Plains rolls out new seeder addition, developed in conjunction with Gandy Company.

Great Plains is rolling out the Turbo-Seeder Attachment for its Turbo-Max machine. The attachment offers a way to get cover crops seeded efficiently and quickly as part of the fall tillage pass with the vertical tillage machine. You get to manage soil and soil health with cover crops while also enhancing residues in the same field.

The Turbo-Seeder Attachment, from Great Plains, mates to the company's Turbo-Max vertical tillage system providing you enhanced ability to boost soil on your farm.

Great Plains teamed with Gandy Company, Owatonna, Minn., to create the Turbo-Seeder as a complete, easy-to-install attachment featuring a 36-bushel hopper, 24 outlets and a split shaft controlled by two separate clutches. The meter shaft is powered by a 12-vold, 25-amp motor, and an 8-gpm hydraulically driven fan to deliver seed to the diffusers. The system can place high rates of cover crops such as hairy vetch, crimson clover, tillage radish, cereal rye, annual rye, sorghum sudangrass, buckwheat and alfalfa, as well as small grains including oats and wheat.

The system is currently available for 2400, 3000 and 3500 Turbo-Max models, the Turbo-Seeder kit also includes a ladder and walkboard for safe, easy access to the hopper. Learn more at

Source: Great Plains

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