Sentinel Soybean Plots in 26 States to Help Detect Rust

USDA will begin monitoring plots in major soybean-producing states to help respond to soybean rust.

As part of its soybean rust surveillance and monitoring network, USDA and its partners will begin monitoring sentinel soybean plots in 26 major soybean-producing states.

Data that is gathered from these plots will then be plugged into the national surveillance program which tracks detections of the disease in the United States," explains Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns. "This information will support the proper response and the management of soybean rust at the national level."

Recently the USDA launched a comprehensive soybean rust Web site, found at, to provide an interactive soybean rust-tracking map. Johanns says that in the new few weeks the USDA will begin a free sign-up for email updates. Once sign-up, producers will be notified when there's a change on the tracking map or other timely information about soybean rust.

It is important for producers to document the advice they receive from local agricultural experts as well as the action taken to combat the disease to make sure insurance will cover losses.

"Producers should also talk to their crop insurance agent to make sure that they comply with the specific terms of their crop insurance policy," Johanns adds.

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