Several Economic Issues Will Be Explored During U.S. and China Meeting

Agriculture large part of this week's dialogue with China.

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer is among the U.S. delegation participating in two days of talks with Chinese counterparts later this week in Beijing as part of a joint strategic economic dialogue. Leading the delegation is Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

"Secretary Paulson generated this relationship between the U.S. and China on these trade issues," Schafer says. "We have several secretaries that are going and Ambassador Schwab will be there."

According to Schafer, this meeting will wrap up trade negotiations on issues such as agriculture brought forth between the Bush Administration and the Chinese government.

"Mostly to establish that economic dialogue that shows why China is our fifth largest trading partner and is going to be larger because of the economic value that we get to create especially through agriculture products that go back and forth," Schafer says.

Issues from the agriculture side include expanding U.S. beef and pork trade into China.

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