Survey Shows Consumers Support Biodiesel

More than four out of five consumers blame foreign oil for food prices.

A recent nationwide survey indicated that 82% of consumers agree foreign oil-producing countries and the high cost of fuel impacting farming and processing, packaging, storing and shipping food are to blame for food price increases, not U.S. farmers. The survey was conducted by the United Soybean Board and soybean checkoff.

The "National Agriculture Image Survey" also revealed that 77% of consumers favor the use of biodiesel as a source of energy that can meet our needs in the next 5 to 10 years; 74% of consumers were more favorable toward biodiesel after hearing it benefits the environment; and 70% of consumers were more favorable toward biodiesel after hearing it's a new green industry that creates jobs.

USB Vice Chairman and Nebraska soybean farmer Chuck Myers says it's encouraging to know the American public realizes the benefits of soy biodiesel as a clean-burning, renewable, homegrown fuel. He adds the soybean checkoff believes it's important that consumers understand that biodiesel represents a viable, useful and beneficial alternative to imported oil.

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