Syngenta announces new Acuron Flexi herbicide

Syngenta announces new Acuron Flexi herbicide

New formulation of Acuron herbicide provides flexibility.

Syngenta received federal EPA registration for new Acuron Flexi corn herbicide on February 9, 2016. Herbicide product lead John Foresman said Acuron has three active ingredients and two overlapping modes of action to combat resistance.

“It comes as no surprise that resistance problems in corn are getting tougher. Glyphosate resistance continues to expand and growers are doing their best to stay ahead of it, but these challenges are out there,” said Foresman. “As a result, we’ve developed Acuron Flexi herbicide.”

Foresman said Acuron herbicide, formulated with atrazine, is also available this year.

Acuron Flexi includes a new active ingredient, HPPD inhibitor bicyclopyrone. Acuron controls 70 broadleaf weeds and grasses, including challenging weeds like ragweed, morning glory, palmer amaranth and waterhemp.

Acuron Flexi does not contain glyphosate or atrazine, giving farmers a little more flexibility.

“The nice part about Acuron Flexi is that it doesn’t have soil type restrictions many products have,” said Foresman. “It can be used 28 days pre-plant all the way up to 30 inch tall corn.”

That gives farmers with carryover concerns a great option. Foresman said farmers can rotate to a number of crops following Acuron Flexi. It is registered on silage, field corn, seed corn, sweet corn and yellow popcorn.

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