Syngenta 'evolves' Force insecticide

Syngenta 'evolves' Force insecticide

New liquid formulation of Force insecticide will be easier to apply.

Farmers will soon have an easier time handling and applying Force insecticide. Syngenta announced a new liquid formulation of their soil insecticide: Force Evo.

Technical product lead John Koenig said the latest evolution of Force will offer the same level of control, without the application complications some farmers have encountered.

“Especially in 2013, we found out a combination of cold weather and vibration would cause the formulation to crystalize,” said Koenig. “It just didn’t flow through the liquid application systems very well, which resulted in stoppages during planting.”

Koenig said after a year like 2013, it was time to take on the challenge and reformulate the product.

Technical product lead John Koenig.

“Growers kept telling us they wanted a high performing insecticide, but it really wasn’t performing up to growers’ expectations,” said Koenig.

The new formulation was put through the paces during testing and will offer a more positive experience.

“We’ll completely replace the SC formulations with this new Force Evo formulation going forward,” said Koenig. 

Force Evo will control corn rootworm and other early-season insects. Registration is expected in 2017.

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