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USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%

Winter wheat improves to 59% good/excellent.

U.S. corn planting went to 30% done as of Sunday as warm, dry weather allowed farmers to make good progress last week before rain arrived. In addition, 3% of the soybeans were planted, which included 2% in Illinois and Indiana and 3% in Iowa.

The 30% for corn was up from last year and the five-year average, both of which were at 16%.

USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%

The 3% pace for soybeans was up from 2% for both last year and the five-year average. For corn, Iowa was 40% planted, Illinois 42% and Indiana 11%. The only emergence in those states was Illinois at 4%.

USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%

Corn planting advances quickly ahead of rain. (Photo: oticki/Thinkstock)

Winter wheat improved, as expected, to 59% from the previous week’s 57%, as rain in April helped the crop recover from drought and a few freeze events.  Kansas wheat went to 53% good/excellent from 49%, Oklahoma went to 59% from 56%, and Texas to 48% from 45%.

USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%

“My yield model increased wheat production potential around 1/3 of a bushel nationwide, increasing projected yield to 47.4-47.7 bpa depending on the model. Most states showed gains,” said Bryce Knorr, Farm Futures senior grain analyst. “The pace of corn planting also picked up ahead of a wet week or two. Soybean planters are rolling, but not on the Plains or far eastern Midwest yet.”

The Kansas report said the state received up to three inches of rain in the northwest and lesser amounts elsewhere. Its topsoil moisture improved to 8% surplus, 74% adequate, 13% short and 5% very short.

Spring wheat planting went to 42% versus 50% a year ago and the 28% average. Eight percent of the crop was emerged, the same as last year, and up from the 7% average.

Nationally, sorghum was 20% planted versus 23% a year ago and the 24% average.

Cotton was 10% planted versus 9% a year ago and the 13% average.

USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%

USDA: Corn planting at 30%, soybeans 3%

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