USDA Designates Biobased Product Groupings

Nearly 2500 new biobased products qualify for procurement preference.

Agriculture Chief Economist Joseph Glauber announced Wednesday that 27 new groupings of biobased products have been designated for procurement preference under the BioPreferred Program, a provision included in the 2002 Farm Bill to increase the purchase of products derived from biobased materials. This means that an additional 2,469 biobased products from 562 companies may now qualify for procurement preference by federal agencies and their contractors. Including products qualified in the first designation, there are now a total of 2,741 products from 659 companies that may qualify for preferred procurement under the BioPreferred Program. Glauber said he expects a "marked increase" in federal purchases of qualifying products.

Manufacturers and vendors of biobased products that fall under the groupings designated by the final rule making are encouraged to post information about their biobased products on the BioPreferred electronic catalog located at  Federal agencies are invited to go to the same Web site to view product and contact information on qualified biobased products.

Source: Feedstuffs

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